Well Timed Misfortune


Our vehicle broke down late Friday night while I was giving a friend a ride home from my sister’s house warming party. It was really late and I was close to my parent’s house so I decided to get some sleep before calling the tow truck. When I went to wait with the vehicle for the tow truck, I noticed a sizable dent in the trunk. The vehicle was towed and because it was the weekend I wouldn’t know any more until Monday at the earliest.

On Tuesday we learned it was the alternator and battery causing the issue and both needed replacing. Also, one of the brake lines was twisted, the rear brakes needed new calipers, the passenger vents were stuck on pure heat, and the ABS and Traction Control lights were on. They won’t be able to diagnose the ABS and Traction Control lights until the battery and alternator and been replaced but they could factor in the cost of diagnosing the issue and let me know what the repairs would cost once they crunch the numbers.

On Wednesday we got the total estimate including diagnosing the lights on the dash but not factoring in what it would take to fix it. The total came to more than double what we had left in your savings.

The dent in the trunk was going to be covered by insurance. Our insurance also covers a rental vehicle while the trunk gets repaired. When the body shop called on Wednesday about the dent, they said they had checked our insurance and that it covers a rental and could send the info to the car rental place next door and that they would call and set us up with the rental. While that is exactly what happened, it shouldn’t have (or at least not yet). The body shop had not started on the repairs yet so first thing Thursday morning the insurance called to let me know that they are not covering the costs for the rental I had picked up the day before.

Well Timed

The vehicle broke down when I had nowhere to go but home and no kids in the car. My friend’s dad drove me to my parent’s after helping me push the car out of the middle of the road (it died while I was turning). The following morning, my parent’s let me use their vehicle to run my errands. I had promised to help my sister A get a shelf from someone on Kijiji and pick up a Bluesfest pass from a different person on Kijiji before she had to work. I also needed to pick up groceries so my dad tagged along for that then drove us home so he could have his vehicle back.

On Wednesday my sister JLK had taken the bus to my place to babysit while I took the bus to the rental place. On my way home I was able to pick up my sister A and her roommate B so they could come for a swim with us. We all had a blast and it definitely helped alleviate some stress.

Once JLK, A, and B left to take the bus home and before I had a chance to talk to C about what we would do about the repairs, we were told by a loved one not to worry about it. They want our kids safe and our vehicle fixed properly so they will help us with the repairs this one time. My heart is overflowing with all the help we have been receiving throughout this ordeal.

Thursday morning I got the call saying the rental wasn’t covered and that I might want to return it quickly because I will be the one paying for it. I loaded the kids into the vehicle and called my sister A (because JLK didn’t pick up) while I drove to her place to explain what was going on. I dropped off the kids and car seats to her before bringing the rental back. When I got to the rental place, I explained everything to the kind lady working. After checking the vehicle (gas, km, damage, etc.) she told me that because I didn’t have it long and barely drove it, the cost would be waived.

Like I said, well timed misfortune. While I could focus on all the crap that has happened, I choose to focus on the convenient timing, the decent public transit, the kind stranger’s understanding and compassion, and most of all, the AMAZING friends and family that have provided me and my family with so much love and support. I don’t know how I will ever repay all the kindness I have been shown, but I will do my best to pay it forward, and teach my children to do the same.

Feeling loved beyond belief,
~Momma J