The Battle Within

Imagine the struggle between a persistent parent trying to get their stubborn teenager out of bed and off to school. No matter what the parent does, the teenager won’t get up and out the door. Flipping the mattress, a glass of cold water to the face, and an air horn have had little to effect on the teenager’s determination to do absolutely nothing for the day. The parent can’t decide whether to be more aggressive in their approach or call it quits for the day and try again tomorrow.

This is me. The parent is my desire to get the toys picked up, floors swept, dishes washed, and laundry put away. The teenager is my motivation level. Normally I can find a balance and get a few chores done a day and on the rare occasion, I can get everything done. This week however has been a bust thanks to Aunt Flo. My motivation to clean has been MIA for 3 days and my apartment keeps no secrets.

Normally when this happens my husband swoops in and picks up the slack. He would run a dishwasher, take out the trash, sweep the living room, and let me nap while he cares for the kids. With him away, I don’t have that luxury. Instead, I use what little motivation I have to get the bare minimum done in order to care for my kids properly. Everything else is left for later.

Today’s choice: make dinner and add to the mess OR spend money to order in and use my limited energy to try to clean.

~ Momma J