Welcome to the CAF Family!

Today I got to watch my husband swear his allegiance and officially join the Canadian Armed Forces. Even though we have been working towards this for over nine months, it feels like everything is happening so fast.

C (husband) has been home for the last 10 days and it has been wonderful!! Having him home has helped me get a bit of a break. I have gotten to sleep in, take naps, walk into a clean living room, and get caught up on the dishes. Our next few days will be full of packing, meal planning, spending time together, and trying to get our finances worked out. It will be a big change once he leaves for basic training. N (son) has really loved having his ‘dada’ around so much.

R (daughter) got a stationary set for Christmas so that she can write him letters while he is away. She has been practicing writing her name and ‘I Love You’ so that she can write to him all by herself. She keeps changing how she feels about moving once C gets posted. Sometimes she is really excited about it. Other times she gets upset and says she wants to stay here with Mamie and Papi. Lucky for her, that is still months away.

As for me, I will be trying hard to keep my sanity intact while I am changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, and having little to no adult conversation each day.

– Momma J