Like a Blanket

Blankets are wonderful and so versatile. On a cold winter’s night, you can wrap yourself up for warmth and comfort. You can use a blanket alone, or have snuggle buddies. You can tuck your feet under while watching a show or reading a good book or you can cover your whole body and pretend you are a ghost. You can even use one on a hot summer day to relax on or have a picnic. There is no end to how resourceful a blanket can be.

Feeling God’s love is like having my spiritual blanket. When I go to church, read scriptures, pray, spend time in nature, or spend time with those I love, it brings peace and comfort to my soul. The big one for me this past week was prayer.

C got injured at Basic Training and it has been rough on him. During one of our phone calls a few days ago he mentioned the possibility of Voluntary Release and finding a new job. This would mean coming back home to the kids and I and letting his injury heal. Unfortunately it would also mean that he would not be able to reapply for 3 years. Now C has never had a rough time finding a job. The rough part is finding a career he enjoys or that pays what it is worth (in terms of stress, hours, physical labour, etc.) and he found that with the Canadian Armed Forces. The excitement I felt at the thought of him coming home early was nothing compared to the heartache I felt for him possibly giving up this amazing opportunity that he worked so hard for and would have to wait 3 years just to get another chance. I needed a blanket.

Over the next few day we both prayed for guidance and comfort. Then one night I dreamed that we were hosting a Breakfast-for-Dinner Dinner party with a bunch of his CAF buddies. I woke up calm and relaxed. That day C told me that he would stay and let his injury heal at CFLRS. This meant that he would keep his job and stay at the training center but take a break from his courses. Once he is healed he would be put with a new platoon that is at the point he left off at. Even though this means he will be away longer than anticipated, it also reaffirms that this is where he is meant to be.

Just like being wrapped in a blanket, I feel the warmth of God’s love for me and my family through the power of prayer. I know He is watching over us as we go through this trying time. He has filled our lives with the angels we call friends and family to help us get to where we need to be and I will forever be grateful for them in our lives.

~ Momma J