It’s not official until you unpack.

Easter is officially over. Why now? Because I finally got the luggage unpacked and put away. And now, with the whole ordeal behind me, I can tell you how our weekend was.

Since we weren’t going to be sure if C could join us until one week in advance, he said to plan as if he wasn’t going to come. This meant I could FINALLY start to make plans.

My sisters A and J-LK wanted to visit with our dad’s side of the family but with Easter falling on our parents anniversary, my parents were planning on spending the weekend with each other. I was also hoping to visit with my paternal aunts and uncles but with it being a long drive with two young kids and a stay at a hotel or Airbnb, I was not sure we could afford it. However with my sisters joining and splitting the cost, the decision was made and plans started falling into place.

We decided to drive up on Good Friday, spend 3 nights at an Airbnb, then drive back home on Easter Monday. The family dinner was set for Sunday but aside from that our plans were flexible. We got the Airbnb booked, work schedules arranged, and Easter treats ready to hide.

How often do your plans work out exactly like you thought they would? For me it is extremely rare. Once everything was planned and booked, C got word that he would be able to join us after all. This irked me. I finally had everything planned and ready just to get this wrench thrown into the mix. One thing C had said before we started planning was that if he was going to be home for Easter weekend, he wanted to be HOME. That was no longer an option.

Now that we knew C would be joining us, I updated the Airbnb reservation and meal plan for the trip. I also had to plan around picking C up and driving him back to the base. To pick up or drop him off at the base is about 3 hours each direction. Unfortunately, it is in the opposite direction of the family we were going to see. This meant that if C couldn’t get a ride into town or back to base, I would have to drive 6 hours to pick him up and bring him home on Thursday, 6 hours to visit family on Friday, 6 hours back home on Monday, and 6 hours to drive him back to base and go home on Tuesday. The thought of doubling my driving from 12 to 24 hours was not a happy one.

Thankfully C was able to get a ride into town on Thursday, leaving me about 18 hours of driving. It was more than I would like, but it was much better than 24 hours. He also had to use a vacation day to get Tuesday off. If he didn’t, he would have had to be back at the base by 6pm on Monday. I was not going to commit to 9 hours plus pit stops with two young kids and a arrival deadline so taking the vacation day was a simple fix.

The plans were set, Easter came, and off we went. We had arrange to meet my older sister JC and her fiance for ice cream on our way up on Friday because she was driving the same route but in the opposite direction. Next we had a late lunch at my aunt V’s then headed to the Airbnb for dinner and to settle in.

Saturday didn’t start with a plan but that is part of the fun when on vacation. After an Easter egg hunt in the Airbnb, we decided to check out the outlet mall that was 15 minutes away. C wasn’t interested in coming so it was just my sisters, my children, and I. After a few hours of shopping we were done and off to our next adventure. Our aunt JL and her family invited us to join them for some glow-in-the-dark mini putt. It was mostly fun with a few hiccups. My children decided it would be fun to have a meltdown in the middle of the course. N had a melt down because he decided the plastic putter they gave him was inadequate and he wanted a metal one. R had a meltdown at hole 16 because it was up hill and she could not get the ball in. Overall, everyone had fun in spite of the drama. After that we headed back to the Airbnb for dinner and some down time.

Sunday was mostly spent at the Airbnb because I was coming down with a cold and had lost my voice, and we had nothing better to do. We had our family dinner at a nice buffet restaurant. Afterwards, we went back to the Airbnb to get the kids ready for bed and pack up our stuff so that there would be less to do in the morning. Once that was done, we packed the kids into the van and my sisters, my children and I went to aunt V’s for a bonfire. C was back at the Airbnb resting his injured leg and getting a good sleep so that he could drive the next day. N fell asleep in the car on the way to the bonfire so he slept in my arms the entire time. R stayed awake and had a blast! We stayed at the bonfire until close to midnight. R fell asleep within the first 5 minutes of out 45 minute drive back to the Airbnb.

The rest of the trip was driving home, then driving C back to base. I finally got the suitcases unpacked 8 days after we got back from driving C. Maybe next time I will unpack them the moment we get home, but that seams highly unlikely.

Happy Easter!

~Momma J